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1DER Entertainment was founded in 2011 by senior artists and businessmen to fulfil the dream of creating and publishing games. Being a small indie team we had the idea to target the mobile market and released several original IPs on the Android and iOS platforms - and put even more prototypes into the drawer. At 1DER Entertainment we always aim for the highest quality in art, coding and QA and we focus on games we also like to play.


In 2015 we've launched Tiny Archers, one of the biggest hits of our team with more than 20 million downloads. We stepped into a new platform lately with publishing our noir title Grayland on PC after it has been recognized by Google with selecting it among best indie games of 2019 by the Google Play Indie Game showcase.

We're blinking towards new platforms and working hard on two VR titles including Tiny Archers and an other not yet announced original IP. More titles are coming soon after their successful prototyping rounds and some of our hits will get their upgraded PC ports as well.


Released Titles


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Darkness covers the whole planet. The light beings are either lost or trapped. Saved by her mother, only one survived, a little light girl: Flora. Help her in the adventure against the Darkness in this spectacularly artistic 2D side-scrolling platformer. Show the world that her mother's sacrifice was not in vain!

Discover the amazing living world of her planet. Reach the end of the levels with the help of the special plants and with using the abilities of the ancient Gods.



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Morph the jelly figure is running away and he needs your help. Find the proper form between the platforms and continue the run in this unique 2D platformer.

Different platforms can be used in different forms and you need to find that fits. The quicker you morph into the proper form, the more points you get. Unlock new forms as you progress, try the funny accessories and customize your figure!

The game is cute and kid-friendly, but still challenging for those who are looking for extra adrenaline.

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Pick your national football team and win the tournament!

Striker Rush Tournament is a fast-paced action-filled football themed lane runner game with national teams.
Opponent teams have different skills based on the latest rankings.
Start tournaments with group stages or enter right in the knock-out stage! With the Classic 16 settings you can play with the European teams qualified for France in 2016. Win the final and win the trophy!

Any games you play and win will be added to the international leaderboard.


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Fly up, break through and reach for the top!

Take part in this amazing mission of the JetPack equipped noble Knight and get to the top of highest tower!

Easy to learn super-easy controls help you to fly up on the leaderboard! Unleash the super-power, break through walls and avoid the furious obstacles!

More than 20 million players
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20+ million players


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DRAW YOUR BOW AND SAVE YOUR KINGDOM from hordes of goblins and trolls that siege your tower! Crush your enemies and become the greatest Tiny Archer in this challenging, fantasy, action game.

Discover fantastic characters, fight multiple enemies, unlock magic arrows and surprising abilities. Use your archery skills to survive! Defend your tower, defeat countless goblin and skeleton armies and save the day! Join the ultimate bow and arrow adventure of Tiny Archers!


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Grayland is a noir story of seeking your loved one captured by Humans. You, as a little bird find yourself in the middle of the war between the Human and the Alien forces. Fly and fight your way through the radiation filled lands, fly inside the mines and buildings and beat the bosses.

During the levels you face different enemies and continuously discover the puzzles of the story. Never give up, show them that even if you're a tiny being, your actions are important, you can even be the one who saves the World.

🏆 2019 Google Indie Game Showcase Finalist